To the memroy of Leif Lindholm
Mikael Lindholm Winterthur, Switzerland Tee oma keräys sydäntyön hyväksi

To the memroy of Leif Lindholm

My father passed away unexpectedly on Sunday the 20th of May after complications of an aortic dissection. At his 69 years he was a more or less in "normal" health, enjoying his life as a retired small business owner, so this event caught everyone by surprise, not the least his daughter in her early teens. When I looked into this, it turns out that it is not so uncommon that problems with the aorta reaps "normally healthy" men (yes, it seems that women are hardly affected by this) in Finland. the truth is, they were not all that healthy, it is just that this condition is not screened for and does not reveal itself in normal health checks. Sydänliitto (The Heart Union) in Finland works on getting people to pay more attention to their heart, raising awareness on heart and vein health issues and supports those who has been diagnosed with a heart issue, so they still can live a fairly normal life. That is why I chose them to be the target of a small memorial fund raising in the memory of my dear father. Many thanks in advance for your donation, big or small, and please pay attention to your heart, especially if you are a father and granddad.

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Target: 1,000 €
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To the memroy of Leif Lindholm
Mikael Lindholm
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